Sounds of My Life

Here are some clips of my life and an interview about me.


Finished Logo Project

Bow Chicka Wow Wow! I have my finished logo.

What started as some doodles on the back of my notebook, like every school kid, became my rough draft logo and now my final design.


My rough draft was simple and sleek. In my eyes defined my lifestyle and love for the cattle industry. But to the outside eye it was confusing and didn’t give enough information. After critique for something additional I started fooling with ideas on how I could bring cattle to my design. Many different logos of companies in the industry have a cow skull, body or head. This defines the companies idea that they are for cattlemen.

So then I did my best attempt at drawing a bull. But being no artist, especially with a computer paint brush, I decided to leave out the detail of the legs. The body took me quite a few attempts to get correct. At first I wanted an eye but then I debated and couldn’t get one quite right.

I took a day off from the logo and reattempted it and bam I could draw an eye! It only took me a few days to realize that those childhood days of playing in paint on the old desktop computer would actually come in handy.

After drawing the body I used the name of the cattle company as the bottom. Added the brand on the right hip, which is a place that a brand will be positioned on live cattle, and emphasized the V. Playing with the type and the size of the V took some time but now I feel confident that I have an easily recognizable logo that defines me.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Have a great day!

My History and Future: Logo Draft

Logo Time!
Coming from a beef cattle livestock background I love brands. Branding cattle is a form of identification that cannot be altered as easily as an ear tag. We use brands to show ownership and identity of the ranch where the cattle come from.
A good side article about cattle brands is this one:
Back to identity, a brand shows who I am as a rancher. My grandfather had two brands for each of his cattle herds. They were very simple: 3E and H2. My friends have some that may not be as simple as a number and a letter. But they help define you. Many people create a brand to resemble their initials (as I have done in my first logo) or to describe their property. Other brands just may be plain cool and old school (as I have done in my second logo).
Inspiration of my brands came from the brand book, which is like the bible of the California cattle brands.
I also have been doodling A LOT. It may or may not be how I get through class.


My first logo can be described, as I have done, as Bar V. Simply because it is a V on top of a _ . If flipped it is a I < or a K. Taking the first letter of my name and breaking it apart then flipping it in all sorts of directions I have designed the Bar V brand or logo. My bottom bar is just a 6 point line segment with a capital V placed on top. I attempted taking two other lines and creating a V but decided that was difficult and a pain. This logo balances nicely in the center and has a line of symmetry which is beautiful.

My second logo.. because I can’t decide which one I like the most. The a capital S with a sideways capital L through the center. This logo can’t be depicted as easily as the first one. The logo stands for Sure Shot where the L depicts a gun. The line segment down the left side of the S creates a left sided heavy logo but makes it stand out a little more.

With a logo I can build a company and stamp it with my name. With a logo that digs deeper into the history of the west I can present a piece of my heritage. I had a blast designing these two simple logos that describe my history and future.


Illustrator Tutorials

The new unit we are working on in COM210 is Adobe Illustrator…

And on my laptop it sucks.. But after figuring out when campus has labs open (which is not on saturdays or sundays or holidays..) I finally got my tutorials completed and here they are!

Tutorial-1---Fist-Logo Tutorial-2---pencil Tutorial-3---Banners Tutorial-4---Varsity-Lettering Tutorial-5-To-Do-List

I hope you enjoy them more than I enjoyed creating them!


The Collage, The Finale

Ta Da! I have finished my Narrative Collage!

second attempt
I began this project thinking it couldn’t be that hard. Photoshop is friend not foe. I was proven wrong, very quickly. My collage draft was a mix of three photos from home and a simple quote. I played with the picture colors and did a simple layering. It was terrible. After all of the great feedback about how it was an amazing start but needed so much work.
I then decided to take Google into my own hands and looked at other ideas. I sifted through funny cat pictures and collage masterpieces.
I tried to create a vintage stamp but it was above my pay grade.
I then decided to go simple but beautiful. I pulled all my pictures from my personal endless storage of pictures I have taken over the years via ipod, small camera, phone and fancy camera.
I started my collage with a background of the forest where I have my cows in the summer. It was a clear day and the trees were magnificent. With this background I wanted to add a few smaller pictures from home. This way I could show case my home in a more simple but elegant way. The three smaller pictures are cropped down from larger images. I then added a drop shadow and black border around each. This way I could separate them from the background image.
To finish off my collage I added a small quote. I have a love for the mountains and they are always calling me home. I played a lot with the wording. I formatted the letting to be thicker and with a drop shadow. I added a satin finish (this sounds somewhat like painting a house) and some other minor touches. After this the collage looked very cut and pasted. So I took the fancy blur tool and traced around the entire photo edge.
This became my collage. It has more depth and is prettier than my first draft. I am able to show off my home and my livestock. I want to pass on the passion and love I find in the mountains with everyone that comes across this post.
Thank you for sharing with me! Have a marvelous day!

Narrative Graphic Collage: Draft

First Draft jpg

I have created my Narrative Graphic Collage to show off my passion for beef cattle and the world I share with them. As I was looking through some of my favorite pictures of my cattle I found the one with the Black Baldy Cow and her calf. This cow traveled from our summer lease back home with just her calf. She traveled tough terrain and we did not know where she went but were thankful that this cow calf pair made it home safely. She is a good momma that came home in rough shape. 23, as we called her, was a little feisty in the trailer and I hoped to capture this moment of her full of life. The full picture has the trailer above and below her face, like a border. I used this to place my top and bottom images of cows and the land we share.
The bottom image I took in the spring time. These calves were happy and the grass was beautiful. The statement of Happy Cows from California matches that photo. The top image was cut from a landscape picture I took on top of the mountain. I am the happiest out in that area. And it is a blessing to be able to look across the land and see what we have available to us. All of these pictures were taken in Potter Valley, California where I call home.
The quote I used to in the top picture is a wrap up of my life. I love cattle. They are my passion. My heart, soul and mind are dedicated to them. I got the quote from the National Cattlemen’s large collection of pictures and quotes.
To know more about me, you should understand that I love beef cattle and I fight for the right to raise them every day because nothing beats sitting on the mountain atop my favorite horse and watch my cattle grow.