Final Video Story: My Roping Calves

The topic of my blog has been my life and what makes me happy.  This video was to show how my calves make me happy and help me with the sport I love, rodeo. And since I was at my last college rodeo in Oregon and spend last week writing a project about how I will manage beef cows I happened to submit this assignment late.

Any who, I changed the final from the draft by adding more video footage, cutting down footage, adding titles, changing my story, and adding music.  I needed to create a video that was more of a story and not just a mess of footage.

I received some great critique on my draft video that I implemented in my final project. Virginia, Jessica and Kathryn suggested that I get rid of the sound from the videos and do a voice over separate so I would cut the unnecessary wind. To solve this I added me speaking and giving a narrative. Huizi also suggested that I focused my video more which I was able to accomplish with more videos and the narrative.

The video begins with an introduction of my calves. Then flows into me moving the calves into the chute so I can rope them off of my mare Gypsy. The video also features my friends, Taylor and Conrad, who help me with my practice and video.  I wanted to keep the story simple but also give a true meaning to my passion and the animals that help me complete it.

I found the background music for my video from SoundCloud Creative Commons, user Sk’p and titled Guitar Tune In The Country.


Visual Elements Audio Elements

Title: My Roping Calves

Video: Slowed, calves in the wheat pasture
03:01 – 08:21

Title: Con Queso

Video: Calf in pen

“These two allow me to practice and get ready to compete at rodeos”

08:22 – 12:16

Title: Guacamole

Video: Calf sniffing camera
12:17 – 23:07

No Title

Video: Calves Playing
23:08 – 29:02

No Title

Video: Pushing Calves into Arena /skiponline/guitar-tune-in-the-co

“When getting ready to practice we bring the calves from their pen into the arena”

29:02 – 32:12

No Title

Video: Calves in holding pen

“Then we move the calves from the holding pen into the chute”

32:13 – 37:18

No Title

Video: Calves in alley
37:19 – 42:28

No Title

Video: Pushing the calves into the chute

“This way the calves are ready for me when I am ready to rope”

42:28 – 46:08

Title: Then We Rope, enters at 44:03 seconds

Video: Getting ready to rope
46:09 – 49:23

Title: Then We Rope, exits at 48:28 seconds

Video: Scoring off Gypsy
49:24 – 55:19

No Title

Video: Roping
55:20 – 01:00:27

Title: Video: Kayla Delbar, Music:

Photo of Calf Head

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