COM210 Is Complete!

And That’s A Wrap.

I have officially completed WSU COM210 Multimedia Content and Creations. This class has been a challenge of my technical skills and creativity but I have enjoyed learning the basics of the four Adobe Creations programs. I had very little knowledge of how to use these programs and am now a better candidate for careers. I learned skills about using the basics of the four programs and how to use youtube to find tutorials that I may need.

My favorite project was Adobe Illustrator. I enjoyed designing logos and utilizing this program. Out of all of the programs Illustrator seems to be the one that may be used the most in different jobs. The technique of creating logos that are catchy but simple is also a great skill and one that I enjoy doing. I will be going into a career in agriculture and in this field I will need to be able to create campaigns and logos that will bring the audience into the program. This class didn’t influence any of my career choices but helped strengthen me as a candidate in my field.

Com210 has provided me with the opportunity to learn how to use Adobe programs, YouTube and SoundCloud but my time could have been better spent learning how to use a variety of other programs that are free. Many employers don’t want to purchase an Adobe program for one flyer so being able to find and use a free program would have been a better skill to learn. This way I would have known which programs to use and not to use. I was not able to find any other website or resources useful for this class.

This is a very strong class in how it is laid out and accessible. I find that it may be better to have TA’s that can explain how to use the programs better. I received the response, “look it up on youtube” more than I liked and felt no need to go to my lab because of this. This class does require a lot of time and I think it would be nice to be able to look ahead at projects. If they were opened up then students could get ahead if they knew a few weeks were going to be very busy. That being said students take this class to learn how to use the programs and not because they already have knowledge of the programs and I myself can now use Youtube to learn how to work very expensive programs that not many employers will want to purchase.

It has been a long and stressful but fun semester.



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