My Video Story Draft

The last project for COM210 is the video story.  As with the audio project I love showing my audience what makes me happy.  For this I took a few videos of my beef cattle.  They bring the joy to my eyes.  This passion is what drives many of us to ranch and provide for the world.

The first few shots I took were on the phone and were taken on the Palouse.  I used my phone to get a shot of me talking and my calves moving.  This continuous movement caused some problems with the sound and with the steadiness of the camera. I hope it gave a more personal feeling as if the audience was walking with me on that beautiful afternoon.  I like the candid feel of the video story.  The second shot was me roping my calves.

For some clarity I rodeo.  I love it.  I treat my calves and horses with the utmost respect and care.  They eat better than I do and I will doctor them before I will doctor myself.  What I show in the video is me roping the calf.  I breakaway rope, which means my rope breaks off the horn, or at the hondu, when it comes tight around the calf’s neck.  This allows the calf to never get choked.  It is safe for both the horse and the calf.

And now back to my video.  So after the shot of me roping I move to a shot of me in the mountains.  I used a voice over to help with the transition in the story.  I then transition into another part of the ranch where I am working a young cow dog on the cows.  I am teaching the dog by positive affirmation to herd the cows smoothly and easily.  I took these mountain videos on my phone and removed the sound from them.  This way I can add music or more voice overs.

I have the ability to add more to this draft to make it flow better but my main goal is to show what makes my happy in life.

I am excited to receive feedback on how I can improve my video draft.

Story Board

Frame 1 – Take a video shot with my calves and explain the topic of the video (Happiness). Explain what happiness means to me and why it relates to my calves.

Frame 2 – Video of me roping. It shows why I have my calves and how it is happiness to me.

Frame 3 – Video of the mountains with voice over of me talking about another part of happiness.

Frame 4 and 5 – Videos of my dog working my cows.


5 thoughts on “My Video Story Draft

  1. I love the cows. They are so adorable and I can see why you love them.

    My major problem with the video is the audio. In the first shot, when you’re walking, it sounds pretty breezy, so it’s hard to pick up what you’re saying in a couple places. I’d suggest re-recording the audio separately and then replacing the original audio with that. Also, there’s a couple large blank spots in the audio; personally, I think some light music or ambient noise might improve it.

    Some of your shots seem to go on a little too long. You could either edit them so that they’re more interspersed, or you could shorten the clips you currently have and then add some new material.

    Overall, I like what you’ve done. Good luck on your final draft!


  2. Kayla,

    First off I just want to say that your cows are absolutely PRECIOUS! I love seeing them in your video!! And I love the beginning of your video and your explanation of happiness. I think it’s absolutely perfect and I can relate to you a lot.

    One recommendation that I have would be to record exactly what you said at the beginning of the video but record it without the wind in the background because it is a little distracting. It would be much easier to listen and really take in what you’re saying without the wind taking over so much of the audio.

    Also, I must say, I really want to come ride in your arena!! It looks like it is so big!!

    Nice job roping too!! It’s really nice to see someone else with an interest that is similar to mine.

    Overall, I really like where you are going with the video and I can’t wait to see the final project!


  3. After spending some time thinking about my video storyline and quality I have some major work to do. I want to have more of a focus for my storyline and remove the happiness voice over with maybe teaching. If I can teach about my sport then the audience will have an easier time understanding and appreciating my passion.

    My video is choppy and needs more sounds. It is a mess at the moment. I realized I can add some pictures that may work better than some of the footage I have. But my footage does have strengths in video quality.

    I received feedback from Kathryn about re-recording some audio and adding different sounds. She also suggests that I shorten the clips that I have and add different footage but likes my topic. Jessica had some very nice things to say and also adds that I need to re-record my audio. Therefore I shall re-record the audio but stay with the same topic. I appreciate all of the positive notes and critiques from both Kathryn and Jessica.

    I now have a way to head with my video for the final draft.

    PS Jessica it is lovely to see how our passions are extremely close!!


  4. Your little calf is very cute. The scene which he/she came up to the camera definitely melted me down for a second. 
    From the beginning to about 0:51, your narrative is a little bit disturbing because of the wind (pretty strong eh?). But as I listened to you speaking for the second time, it was very clear. So maybe consider do the same thing as recording in a quiet environment and add separated audio into the video project.
    From 1:04 until the end, there is no narrative. It is an awkward gag really. Adding the other fact that form about 1:00 to 1:17 the footage is really-not-very-ideal, can’t identify what/ who are your focused characters (when I went back to it the third time I think animals yonder did I saw; maybe that’s what you wanted to show us?). Two other of our other group mate also have chosen animal as her “protagonist”; I have to admit it animals such as live stocks are cute and very spiritual, but a video theming in them alone doesn’t work for everyone especially those who doesn’t have experience with them before. A very good way Miss. Anderson did to level up her story of her friend Journey the horse was adding a nice song as background music. And the genre fits perfectly well with the footage and its theme. I think many can be learned from it.


  5. Hi, Kayla
    I am totally agree with our fur friends always be treated better than ourselves. Better food better doctor, tons of toys (for my cat)…etc. So, I can feel that you love them so much as I love my cat. Few points maybe you can improve: for the first clip, wind sound is a little bit loud, you can record your voice separately, it will have a better result. I am look forward your final, Good luck☺


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