Final Audio: Sounds of My Life

Apparently when I take all upper level courses I lose track of my projects. This is my final submission of the Adobe Audition project. It is really late but sometimes life gets in the way throws a few to many papers and exams at your face and then personal problems on top and its hard to dig yourself out. But I did it!

I do love my audio and I know it can use some more fine tuning but I am calling it done. This audio gives the listener, you, an eye opening experience into my life. I love my family, the mountains and my animals. I give the listener an introduction into my audio then play the sounds of my life with speaking in between. The feedback I received was for an interview I recorded that I thought about using. I appreciate all of the kind words and critiques even though I never used that in my final audio.

This project not only helped me learn how to use another adobe program but it made me work through my hatred of listening to my own voice. I am not to keen on recording myself speak and though I didn’t use my own voice very much I did have to overcome an insecurity.

I hope you enjoyed my audio and all further critique is always welcome (:


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