First Draft for Audio Audition

The Audition project has been testing my technical skills to no end but I finally was able to push through and accomplish it.

Brainstorming over this project and how to describe me in sounds and not so much words made me decided to go through my mess of videos from my day  to day life. I found videos from home and the mountains. After a lot of splicing and deleting terrible sections I was able to put them side by side. But once you listened to the complete audio it sounded terrible.

This is when I added my own narrative to tell the story of the things I enjoy and used the sound clips to describe. I have featured myself, the sound of coyotes and my family. These represent home to me and help me feel happy.

After adding in my own narrative I played with the sound of the coyotes because they are pretty soft. I know that they will need to be brought to more life but am not sure how to accomplish this. The length of my audio seems complete but I could always add more things that make me who I am.

I am excited to use a completely new Adobe Creation but have a long ways to go before I can be great with Audition.


One thought on “First Draft for Audio Audition

  1. Well my audio story is a story but it is definitely a rough draft and the blog post just wasn’t that exciting.

    The post lacked more information about why these sounds mean so much to me. I could have provided links and detail about the type of coyotes featured and the type of dog that was playing with my brother. That way the reader and listener has something to relate to. I needed to be able to draw my audience in and involve them with my passion.

    The audio itself is a good length and is a good mix of sounds that involve me and my surroundings. It would be hard to add in any background noises because each sound is so unique in its own way. The sounds may be a little choppy but that could also bring out any emphasis in importance. All in all this was a rough draft and will need refining but it did tell a story and used the technology of Audio Audition.


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