My History and Future: Logo Draft

Logo Time!
Coming from a beef cattle livestock background I love brands. Branding cattle is a form of identification that cannot be altered as easily as an ear tag. We use brands to show ownership and identity of the ranch where the cattle come from.
A good side article about cattle brands is this one:
Back to identity, a brand shows who I am as a rancher. My grandfather had two brands for each of his cattle herds. They were very simple: 3E and H2. My friends have some that may not be as simple as a number and a letter. But they help define you. Many people create a brand to resemble their initials (as I have done in my first logo) or to describe their property. Other brands just may be plain cool and old school (as I have done in my second logo).
Inspiration of my brands came from the brand book, which is like the bible of the California cattle brands.
I also have been doodling A LOT. It may or may not be how I get through class.


My first logo can be described, as I have done, as Bar V. Simply because it is a V on top of a _ . If flipped it is a I < or a K. Taking the first letter of my name and breaking it apart then flipping it in all sorts of directions I have designed the Bar V brand or logo. My bottom bar is just a 6 point line segment with a capital V placed on top. I attempted taking two other lines and creating a V but decided that was difficult and a pain. This logo balances nicely in the center and has a line of symmetry which is beautiful.

My second logo.. because I can’t decide which one I like the most. The a capital S with a sideways capital L through the center. This logo can’t be depicted as easily as the first one. The logo stands for Sure Shot where the L depicts a gun. The line segment down the left side of the S creates a left sided heavy logo but makes it stand out a little more.

With a logo I can build a company and stamp it with my name. With a logo that digs deeper into the history of the west I can present a piece of my heritage. I had a blast designing these two simple logos that describe my history and future.



2 thoughts on “My History and Future: Logo Draft

  1. I thought it was really cool that you wove in your explanation with the links and pictures to your draft logo. I think it’s definitely important to just choose one logo and work on that and improve it for the final, instead of having two you like for different reasons. Your first logo was my favorite; I liked how simple and balanced it was, but I would suggest adding to it so it isn’t just a line and a letter. (E.G. a little bit of color, fading, background of sorts, that sort of thing.)


  2. Oh Snap! I created a bomb blog post with links to more information!

    I agree with Emma’s comment on my post. I need to choose one logo to improve. Like Emma I choose the first logo. I love the Bar V design and intend to use this as my official logo. She also noted that I should probably add color or a background design to the logo. I think something in the background may pull away from the design itself but I want to play with some color changes.

    The only other comment I received was to make it more exciting and to match the logo with the company. To me and to other ranchers a brand that is simple does say these are my cattle, my land, my passion and my love. I will try that is for sure on making it more creative! Adding something extra is hard to create when trying to not pull away from the original image and design.

    The logo will get better but I am not sure I can rock another blog post that I just did!


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