COM210 Is Complete!

And That’s A Wrap.

I have officially completed WSU COM210 Multimedia Content and Creations. This class has been a challenge of my technical skills and creativity but I have enjoyed learning the basics of the four Adobe Creations programs. I had very little knowledge of how to use these programs and am now a better candidate for careers. I learned skills about using the basics of the four programs and how to use youtube to find tutorials that I may need.

My favorite project was Adobe Illustrator. I enjoyed designing logos and utilizing this program. Out of all of the programs Illustrator seems to be the one that may be used the most in different jobs. The technique of creating logos that are catchy but simple is also a great skill and one that I enjoy doing. I will be going into a career in agriculture and in this field I will need to be able to create campaigns and logos that will bring the audience into the program. This class didn’t influence any of my career choices but helped strengthen me as a candidate in my field.

Com210 has provided me with the opportunity to learn how to use Adobe programs, YouTube and SoundCloud but my time could have been better spent learning how to use a variety of other programs that are free. Many employers don’t want to purchase an Adobe program for one flyer so being able to find and use a free program would have been a better skill to learn. This way I would have known which programs to use and not to use. I was not able to find any other website or resources useful for this class.

This is a very strong class in how it is laid out and accessible. I find that it may be better to have TA’s that can explain how to use the programs better. I received the response, “look it up on youtube” more than I liked and felt no need to go to my lab because of this. This class does require a lot of time and I think it would be nice to be able to look ahead at projects. If they were opened up then students could get ahead if they knew a few weeks were going to be very busy. That being said students take this class to learn how to use the programs and not because they already have knowledge of the programs and I myself can now use Youtube to learn how to work very expensive programs that not many employers will want to purchase.

It has been a long and stressful but fun semester.



Final Video Story: My Roping Calves

The topic of my blog has been my life and what makes me happy.  This video was to show how my calves make me happy and help me with the sport I love, rodeo. And since I was at my last college rodeo in Oregon and spend last week writing a project about how I will manage beef cows I happened to submit this assignment late.

Any who, I changed the final from the draft by adding more video footage, cutting down footage, adding titles, changing my story, and adding music.  I needed to create a video that was more of a story and not just a mess of footage.

I received some great critique on my draft video that I implemented in my final project. Virginia, Jessica and Kathryn suggested that I get rid of the sound from the videos and do a voice over separate so I would cut the unnecessary wind. To solve this I added me speaking and giving a narrative. Huizi also suggested that I focused my video more which I was able to accomplish with more videos and the narrative.

The video begins with an introduction of my calves. Then flows into me moving the calves into the chute so I can rope them off of my mare Gypsy. The video also features my friends, Taylor and Conrad, who help me with my practice and video.  I wanted to keep the story simple but also give a true meaning to my passion and the animals that help me complete it.

I found the background music for my video from SoundCloud Creative Commons, user Sk’p and titled Guitar Tune In The Country.


Visual Elements Audio Elements

Title: My Roping Calves

Video: Slowed, calves in the wheat pasture
03:01 – 08:21

Title: Con Queso

Video: Calf in pen

“These two allow me to practice and get ready to compete at rodeos”

08:22 – 12:16

Title: Guacamole

Video: Calf sniffing camera
12:17 – 23:07

No Title

Video: Calves Playing
23:08 – 29:02

No Title

Video: Pushing Calves into Arena /skiponline/guitar-tune-in-the-co

“When getting ready to practice we bring the calves from their pen into the arena”

29:02 – 32:12

No Title

Video: Calves in holding pen

“Then we move the calves from the holding pen into the chute”

32:13 – 37:18

No Title

Video: Calves in alley
37:19 – 42:28

No Title

Video: Pushing the calves into the chute

“This way the calves are ready for me when I am ready to rope”

42:28 – 46:08

Title: Then We Rope, enters at 44:03 seconds

Video: Getting ready to rope
46:09 – 49:23

Title: Then We Rope, exits at 48:28 seconds

Video: Scoring off Gypsy
49:24 – 55:19

No Title

Video: Roping
55:20 – 01:00:27

Title: Video: Kayla Delbar, Music:

Photo of Calf Head

My Video Story Draft

The last project for COM210 is the video story.  As with the audio project I love showing my audience what makes me happy.  For this I took a few videos of my beef cattle.  They bring the joy to my eyes.  This passion is what drives many of us to ranch and provide for the world.

The first few shots I took were on the phone and were taken on the Palouse.  I used my phone to get a shot of me talking and my calves moving.  This continuous movement caused some problems with the sound and with the steadiness of the camera. I hope it gave a more personal feeling as if the audience was walking with me on that beautiful afternoon.  I like the candid feel of the video story.  The second shot was me roping my calves.

For some clarity I rodeo.  I love it.  I treat my calves and horses with the utmost respect and care.  They eat better than I do and I will doctor them before I will doctor myself.  What I show in the video is me roping the calf.  I breakaway rope, which means my rope breaks off the horn, or at the hondu, when it comes tight around the calf’s neck.  This allows the calf to never get choked.  It is safe for both the horse and the calf.

And now back to my video.  So after the shot of me roping I move to a shot of me in the mountains.  I used a voice over to help with the transition in the story.  I then transition into another part of the ranch where I am working a young cow dog on the cows.  I am teaching the dog by positive affirmation to herd the cows smoothly and easily.  I took these mountain videos on my phone and removed the sound from them.  This way I can add music or more voice overs.

I have the ability to add more to this draft to make it flow better but my main goal is to show what makes my happy in life.

I am excited to receive feedback on how I can improve my video draft.

Story Board

Frame 1 – Take a video shot with my calves and explain the topic of the video (Happiness). Explain what happiness means to me and why it relates to my calves.

Frame 2 – Video of me roping. It shows why I have my calves and how it is happiness to me.

Frame 3 – Video of the mountains with voice over of me talking about another part of happiness.

Frame 4 and 5 – Videos of my dog working my cows.

Final Audio: Sounds of My Life

Apparently when I take all upper level courses I lose track of my projects. This is my final submission of the Adobe Audition project. It is really late but sometimes life gets in the way throws a few to many papers and exams at your face and then personal problems on top and its hard to dig yourself out. But I did it!

I do love my audio and I know it can use some more fine tuning but I am calling it done. This audio gives the listener, you, an eye opening experience into my life. I love my family, the mountains and my animals. I give the listener an introduction into my audio then play the sounds of my life with speaking in between. The feedback I received was for an interview I recorded that I thought about using. I appreciate all of the kind words and critiques even though I never used that in my final audio.

This project not only helped me learn how to use another adobe program but it made me work through my hatred of listening to my own voice. I am not to keen on recording myself speak and though I didn’t use my own voice very much I did have to overcome an insecurity.

I hope you enjoyed my audio and all further critique is always welcome (:

First Draft for Audio Audition

The Audition project has been testing my technical skills to no end but I finally was able to push through and accomplish it.

Brainstorming over this project and how to describe me in sounds and not so much words made me decided to go through my mess of videos from my day  to day life. I found videos from home and the mountains. After a lot of splicing and deleting terrible sections I was able to put them side by side. But once you listened to the complete audio it sounded terrible.

This is when I added my own narrative to tell the story of the things I enjoy and used the sound clips to describe. I have featured myself, the sound of coyotes and my family. These represent home to me and help me feel happy.

After adding in my own narrative I played with the sound of the coyotes because they are pretty soft. I know that they will need to be brought to more life but am not sure how to accomplish this. The length of my audio seems complete but I could always add more things that make me who I am.

I am excited to use a completely new Adobe Creation but have a long ways to go before I can be great with Audition.